Subject to availability — ask your server for today’s Bad Ass drink options!

All drinks come with a Tajin rim, candy straw and Paleta. Served in a goblet glass.

Madero $25
Real Del Valle tequila, house-made watermelon cordial, lime

Chamango Margarita $25
Tequila, Triple sec, Lime and Mango Puree

Becky’s-rita $27
Tequila, lime, and a Becky’s Hard Seltzer

House Margarita $25
Tequila, lime, agave

Pancho Villa $25
El Jimador blanco, fresh lime, salt, your choice of Jarritos (grapefruit, pineapple, tamarindo, jamaica, mandarin, guava)

Zapata $25
Divino Maguey Espadin Mezcal, fresh lime, house-made almond orgeat, R&D smoked bitters

Battle of Juarez $25
Cazadores Blanco, lime, guava, agave, R&D fire bitters 

¡Avenida Revolucion! $25
Sandovales Blanco, fresh pineapple, fresh lime, cream of coconut, dry curaçao 

Border Crossing Fruit Cart $25
Smirnoff Tamarindo, pineapple, watermelon, dry curaçao, almond orgeat, chamoy, tajin


Bad Ass Madero

Bad Ass El Niño